One website page a visitor does not like to see is a ‘page not found’ where content is unavailable, this can be both frustrating and make the website look broken, it can also have a detrimental effect on search engine rankings.

There are a couple of ways that this can be avoided, one is to create 301 redirects in the htaccess file that will automatically forward any visitors to a relevant page, this requires coding knowledge and access to the website files, both of which may not be readily available.

The other option, if you have a WordPress website, is to use a plugin, such as Smart 404. This plugin will perform a search of your posts, pages, tags and categories, using keywords from the requested URL. If there is a match, it will automatically redirect to that content instead of showing the error page. If there is more than one match, the 404 template can use some template tags to provide a list of suggestions to the visitor.

This plugin is not only easy to set up it will also enhance visitor experience and save you getting your hands dirty manually setting up redirects.

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