I am often asked why clients want to have custom videos on their websites – other than for the obvious reason of “this is what we do”. Well, there really are so many reasons, and just showing “what you do” is actually a very small one.

In the world of online, where we can happily stay behind an invisible wall of email, online chat and websites, it is easy to become a little bit disassociated from the people we do business with – and having video content on your website (and even company intranet) can benefit your Company in so many ways.

With video you can get your message to those who matter, in an instant. Whether it’s a new brand, product launch, company values or general information about the company, your message can be a finely honed arrow, hitting your target straight on. Backed up with on/offline literature, this is your moment to grab your future audience…and make them remember you. Do a good job with that message and, just for starters, you’ll have strengthened your bond with your website visitors and potential customer base, increased your online presence and reach, increased traffic to your website (search engines love a video!) and you’ll immediately have set yourself apart from your competitors.

Gone are the old days of static, staid and cheesy corporate videos. Nobody wants to watch someone stutter and stammer KPIs at a camera or be made to believe their senior management are too cool for school. It’s all about imagination, taking the obvious and making it slick and sexy. Yes! Sexy! You want people to be passionate about what you do, make or deliver, don’t you?

So, you’ve got an amazing new product/service to launch and demonstrate? You could maybe consider a stylised documentary feel, with a real sense of urgency – your customers NEED this product! Or why not dream up a three part video – a mini series – released in episodes to drip-feed the information to your audience in an entertaining fashion? Who wouldn’t be impressed to see their website traffic increasing every Friday afternoon as staff, customers and general web surfers take some time out to watch the next installation of “Product X: The Launch”? And who knows – you might even go viral! You also have people who work in your company who would be really interested in this kind of thing too – get them involved: it is the ultimate team building exercise.

With that in mind, bespoke videos are a fabulous way to educate – we are all so used to watching content whether on TV, online, on our phones or tablets, so it’s a great way to deliver informative content to employees. As an HR tool, videos can provide company personality and culture with an immediate platform (internally and externally) and as a training/development tool, encouraging staff to take part in the video making process really does create an amazing bonding experience. If you have a company intranet you can use video content on there to relay all manner of company messages from formal announcements right through to lighter messages on ‘fun days’ (i.e. fund raisers etc). After all, you are only limited by your imagination.

The bottom line with online corporate video content is keeping it simple, sharp and succinct. You want to grab those customers with a ‘wow’, educate them about you really quickly and make sure they come back again. It sounds very simple and is something you should be taking into account with regards to your marketing and advertising budget: for a median layout financially, the returns can be very large. We, for example, can help you craft your message, plan your visuals, set up and run the shoot and then edit the video(s). We can even offer bespoke team-building exercises to make the videos in the first place, on-screen and presenting skills training to make sure your message delivery is perfect and then advise you on the best ways of getting your video ‘out there’ to where it matters. All it takes is a little thought, vision and imagination to make yourself everyone else’s main competition.