Welcome to December! As you can imagine, our MFD office is hopp-ingly excited now that the season of goodwill is upon us.

There is always something which is catching our attention and the ‘thing’ which has caught our attention recently is the service we receive when we head out into the big wide world. Whether it’s as a business customer or something of a more personal nature, the level of service you can receive varies widely…and this is certainly amplified as the Christmas rush ramps up.

I think we all understand that there is a lot of pressure kicking around these days, and we are all human (well some of us are frogs…but you know what we mean). However, a smile and an easy tone of voice will do a lot more good with a customer than a snarl and a snap.

With the ever increasing pressure from the top for companies to make better margins, generally the people working on the ‘coal face’ are the ones who feel the squeeze, whether there are less staff to actually perform the work required, or inadequate resources available to perform tasks…sometimes there is not a lot to smile about.

Perhaps we are “old skool”, or just a little over enthusiastic, however we believe if a job is worth doing it’s worth doing right. With the right attitude people (both customers and colleagues) will respond more positively and everyone will be a little happier.

We always think back to days round the pond with Gran and Gramps Frog, who told us that no matter how bad things seem, there is always someone worse off and to stay positive as things will get better.

So…whether it’s this season or any other for that matter, come join our pond in being a little more jolly…and if all else fails, there’s always the mulled wine to look forward to 🙂

Ho ho ho!