At MFD we like to join and follow a Facebook group or two, they can be a useful resource full of rich information or entertaining rubbish keeping us distracted from our work, either way we belong to quite a few (mostly resourceful of course, ahem).

Often we come across an article that may a use in the future but forget to save it, this then filters down the timeline as newer posts are added, never to be found again.

Well, that was until we realised that it is possible to search a specific group, little did we know that Facebook has been kind enough to provide a group page search function, found on the top right of the group timeline, directly underneath the cover image. Although easily missed, to our short sighted frog eyes anyway, this useful box allows a visitor to search a specific group timeline and dig up past posts without having to forever scroll down looking for something tucked away months ago.

Had we been aware of this earlier we would have saved a lot of time and frog fuelled expletives, filling the air green as our frustrations came out with ribbits that should never be heard by tadpoles or humans alike, a shameful past that can now be avoided.