I’m not even going to go into my grand absence from here. There’s been way too much water tsunami-d under the bridge for that.

However..not sure what happened this morning.

Maybe it was being back at the gym yesterday after injury has caused me not to be able to punch a bag and lift weights for a while…maybe quite a few months’ worth of decent sleep have built up a reserve of energy…maybe having taken a b-i-g step back from everything in order to reassess my life and goals has helped? Who knows – but christ almighty – today I’m all-guns-a-blazing. And boy am I back!

First up is my very own first feature development – proper. No pretending here. The gloves are off (actually they’re back on, but that’s just being back at the gym) and this film will get made if it’s the last thing I do. I don’t particularly want to Produce it (I will keep my Producer cap on at jaunty angle until such a time as I can hand it over) but I will most definitely be writing/directing. I don’t want to be concerned with finances, logistics and feeding a crew – I just want to purely focus on the story, performance, feel and look of what’s on screen.

It’s a story that wants to be told – it’s quite personal to me and so I’m just working out the best way to tell it. It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea and will be quite shocking and very dark in parts but heck yeah: I’m all over it. On it, like a car bonnet. It’s early days, and it may take a while as I have TV things to work on as well, but who knows, it could turnaround quicker than I imagine.

Here are a couple of little soothing, chilled NSFW videos to go in line with the concept. I’ll try and pop back more regularly in the future.