At MFD We love our smartphones and tablets, we use them for everything from shopping to playing games (well, nephew Fonty Frog does) and surfing the internet.

With over 70% of website traffic now expected to come from portable devices making sure your website looks great and is user friendly on screens other than desktop is an absolute must nowadays.

There are two options available to any designer to cater for this shift in web browsing, either make a separate mobile site or make a website responsive. A responsive website is one that adapts to the screen size, built with media queries, this means only one site is needed and will adjust itself depending on the device being used. A separate mobile website is just that, a completely new website that is loaded up if a set mobile device is detected, but which is the best approach?

Well, from an amount of work perspective, a responsive design wins hands down, with only one website that needs creating to cater for all devices, a separate mobile site would require at least one more new design if not more depending on the layout and what devices it is being built for. Google and other search engines also recommend the responsive approach and favour these kind of sites over separate mobile designs. A responsive website will also improve user experience as a visitor can switch devices and orientation without having to reload a new look website each time, this fluid change improves website speed and familiarity. A responsive website is also more future proof as they detect screen size as opposed to mobile websites detecting devices, so if a new phone comes on the market a responsive website will automatically adapt to it, as opposed to having create a separate mobile version of the website for this new device.

If your website isn’t already responsive, 2017 is definitely the year to get this sorted, an essential part of any online presence, having a responsive website isn’t just an extra bonus, it’s an online necessity and something we at Mad Frog Design would be happy to discuss should you wish to find out more.