Networking, something as a business that has to be done and we all do to some degree or another, whether sociably or through an organised event, but is attending as many networking events as you can worth your while?

It could be argued that getting your name out there and talking to other individuals and companies is always a good idea and that attending as many events as possible is the way forward. We at MFD, on the other hand, believe targeted networking is a far more effective use of time and resources, after all you want to be connecting with people who are going to be of benefit to your business and help it to grow.

With so many networking events available nowadays, when choosing which ones to attend it is worth taking a closer look at the details first. A visitor list, if provided, is a great way to get a feel as to what kind of businesses will be there. What time the event is held? A day time event is more likely to have established businesses. Where is it being held? Do you want to be talking business in a greasy cafĂ©, what does that say about the standard of businesses likely to attend? How much does it cost? Many networking events and groups have a charge, do you think you will get your money’s worth?

With so many factors to consider, it is worth taking a moment or two to research an event before deciding to attend and remember the following, what is it you want from the event and is it going to help your business to grow.