As it is still January we guess we can still count this post as relevant to the new year, either that or we are from China, either way…

Copyright date on a website, hands (flippers) up how many of you either forget to update it or require the person looking after the website to update it, which may or may not happen in a few months time.

Copyright on a website is a good idea as it gives a certain level of protection, particularly should the need to pursue the legal route of having your stolen content removed from the web and an up to date copyright can also help build trust, showing visitors that you are on the ball and mean business.

To keep the copyright up to date there is a little trick that can used involving a php timestamp, simply copy the code below and add it to wherever the copyright notice is on your site, usually found in the footer:

&copy; <?php echo date(“Y”); ?>

By adding this piece of code the copyright will automatically update each year, leaving you one less task to worry about, particularly useful if you have a lot of websites to maintain.