At MFD we think sharing is caring and being the shy retiring types, we love to stand out from the crowd, especially if it helps us to get noticed, speaking of which, if you run a WordPress blog you may wish to have an image that represents a particular page/post, displayed as part of the post link, this known as a featured image and can help to draw in a crowd.

A featured image should represent the contents, mood, or theme of a page or post, both pages and posts can have a single image, which is both displayed when the page/post is shared and will often also appear as part of the post, just like ours does.

Adding a featured image to a WordPress page/post can be done through the main post admin screen:

1. Login into the WordPress admin panel

2. Select ‘ALL POSTS’/’ALL PAGES’ or ‘ADD NEW’ under the ‘POSTS’ or ‘PAGES’ category on the left hand menu

3. On the main page/post edit screen, right hand side towards the bottom of the menu is the ‘FEATURED IMAGE’ option, select this and choose/upload an appropriate image

4. Hit the blue ‘UPDATE’ button to save any changes

The selected featured image will now be used as a clickable link by the theme to represent the page/post, especially useful when sharing it in on social media, which is exactly what we are about to do with this blog post now (again).