One of the things we frogs pride ourselves on is Customer Service. Much is made of providing good service, but what does that mean to your business, and how much value do you place on it?

For us it’s one of the best marketing tools out there. Customers will ALWAYS comment on poor service, and the world of social media in which we live, word of mouth can be ruthless, even fatal to a business.

The best starting point for serving your customers well, is honesty. It may sound obvious, but often it’s overlooked. Have you ever come home from a day shopping with an item or service and thought “I didn’t really want this”? or opened the packaging to find the bottle of lotion is a not really all the packaging had promised? Yes, us too. That feeling that we have somehow been duped into spending our hard earned pennies leaves rather a bitter taste.

Whether it is making sure you are selling your customer exactly what they want, and not what you want to sell them or not over promising what you can deliver, honesty is very definitely the best policy. Be true to yourselves and your brand, and your customers will keep on coming back because they trust you. And better still, they will tell their friends about you for all the right reasons….now that’s surely a bit of marketing worth investing in….and guess what? We love it because it’s free!