At MFD we usually tell the time through either the angle of the sun’s shadow by day or by the alignment of the constellations at night, for those of you less experienced in these natural wonders WordPress website owners fortunately have the slightly easier option of changing the displayed date and time format on their site through the backend admin panel.

To do this you will need a sextant, compass, star charts and be able to follow these simple instructions:

1. Login to the WordPress backend content management system

2. On the left hand menu select ‘SETTINGS’ and then ‘GENERAL’

3. The general website settings will then appear in the centre window

4. Select the ‘DATE FORMAT’ and ‘TIME FORMAT’ you would like and then click ‘SAVE CHANGES’ at the bottom of the window

This will change the date/time format of the site to that of your choosing, although frustratingly we can’t seem to find the star chart option.