Today we thought that we would share one of the most basic but too often overlooked marketing tips where branding and design are concerned.

Too often we come across clients who ask for designs based on what they want, what they would like to see and have others perceive themselves as, in our opinion this the wrong approach to take when trying to attract new customers. When marketing any business, whether it is a product or a service, the number one priority is the customer, so with branding and design, rather than think of how you want to sell yourself you should be thinking what is it my potential customers want to see and create the brand around this, target the market.

By creating something that targets your specific market you will have a much better chance of success, build a brand around them and not yourself, as what you want may not be what your intended market may be looking for. The result of this may not be as you originally intended but think of the bigger picture, after all the idea is to be running a successful business, turning over a decent profit and you will have a better chance of doing this by listening to your potential customers needs.

Should you choose to start a new business, remember to do the research first and find out what it is your customers actually want before creating your brand and products/services, get this right and you will soon be on the ladder to success.